Marketing Technology Landscape

What Tools and Tech should make up a telco digital martech stack?

There is a wealth of real-world marketing stacks published by the community on There is even a 'Stackies Award' that's in the 5th year, where marketers (not IT guys) present their 'stack' - the martech tools they use and the strategies they apply to organize the tools. 
The number of martech solutions has grown rapidly from ~150 apps in 2011 to more than 7000 in 2019 which reflects the dynamic landscape in this domain.


On the other side we have Telco Digital-first transformation which mandates a new digital stack to support a more customer centric approach. The current Telecom Application Map (TAM) lists only 9 applications in the Market & Sales domain, so how can these 7000+ martech solutions be fitted into a the telco realm and why should we do this in the first place?   

The MarTech Stach classifies the Solutions into six main categories
  • Advertising & Promotion
  • Content & Experience
  • Social & Relationships
  • Commerce & Sales
  • Data
  • Management 

To link the MarTech stack classifications to a Telco TMF centric stack we have to understand the ODA philosophies and the Role of the Party in that context. ODA (Open Digital Architecture) defines three Source of Records Domains for the next generation BSS/OSS Telco stack. The important one with regards to martech is the Party Management Domain. A party in the Telco SID concept can be a human (individual), company or a 'thing'. An interaction between parties is defined by parties taking certain Roles. A party can take for example the role of a customer or of a dealer/partner. We suggest adding three new roles in the current TMF SID GB922 framework to cater for the 'Role' definition of the older and undeveloped Contact_Lead_Prospect ABE and enable the closed-loop Lead-to-Cash digital process including all related roles.

  • Market Sales Roles ABE / SalesContact (New)
  • Market Sales Roles ABE / SalesLead (New)
  • Market Sales Roles ABE / SalesProspect (New)
  • Customer Roles ABE / Customer (existing)

The fully developed martech framework makes use of the following core SID ABEs as a basis for the Open API required to support the Lead-to-Cash process in the digital journeys.

  • Communication Interaction ABE
  • Party/Contact Medium ABE
  • Party/Party Demographics ABE
  • Party/Party Profile ABE
  • Business Interaction ABE
  • Metric ABE

MarTech Stack and New SID Roles ABEpng